Aftermarket fuel tank questions. 2002 YZ426F

2002 Yamaha YZ426F OEM tank is leaking, looking to see if anyone has any experience with the 3 different aftermarket tanks available. Which one has the best fit, IMS, Clarke or Acerbis? Any help is greatly appreciated.

Well I have the same issue, I found an lightly used acerbis 3. Something gallon on eBay for 90$ that was hmmmm 3 months ago it never showed up, just got my money back from pay pal 5 days I can't tell you how it fit sorry just needed to vent about it a little.

But from the reading I have done the aftermarket tanks are all pretty equal.

All three are pretty good but if you want the best its ims.

The IMS is likely to be the highest overall quality and fit, but both it and the Acerbis are kind of bulky and obstructive.  The IMS isn't "Big and in the way" while riding, but it pretty well hides the entire top of the engine.  The Clarke tanks made for that year are smaller (~2.5 gallon?), and resemble a bigger WR tank.  Better looking, but the fit can be iffy, and I've seen Clarkes with shroud bolts seized in them, spinning the brass inserts in the plastic, more than on other ones.

I like my Acerbis 3.4 gal tank, I bought it to replace my leaking stock tank. Its a little bulky but its hard to complain when it holds so much fuel. I ordered mine from and would recommend them to others.

My Clarke tank is OK on my 426. Not stellar but no real compiants. It's a tight fit near the radiator due to my Fluidyne radiators

My Clarke tank is OK on my 426. Not stellar but no real compiants. It's a tight fit near the radiator due to my Fluidyne radiators

My Acerbis 3.4gal is the same way using the oversized eBay rads, its hard to bolt the tank on its so tight. I am looking to either remake or modify another set of eBay rads but move and angle them forward for more clearance and increased air flow. Its not required but I'm sure it would help.

Thanks for the help and info, after further research I am planing on going with a stock tank. I live in an oven In Phoenix AZ. The clearance, fit and appearance as well as minimal restrictions to the air flow for radiators is important to me. Just sucks want all the new hardware with new tank. Freaking expensive, found one for $ 228 plus tax n shipping just the tank from yamaha... I also own a 1982 YZ490 with a 5 gallon tank it's fit is awesome. The oversized tank looks better than the factory one. All oversize tanks look weird for the 2002 yz426f the way the hang down so far over the top end of the engine.

Iv heard of people cracking the stock tank one after another before switching to an aftermarket tank. Where is yours cracked on the bottom at the back??

Yamaha could of resolved this problem but I am not sure..

In the the bottom on the back, not sure if it was rubbing think it just cracked... now I am looking at aftermarket tanks again...

That's where the Yamaha tanks all crack. Not sure if its been updated but you could check the part number.

I would go aftermarket unless they fixed this problem, it's an expensive tank to buy just to have it crack in the same place..

For clarity, it is only the tanks on the '98-'02 YZF/WRF models that were prone to this, and I'm not even sure the WR's had the problem.  No trouble from '03 up.

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