speedometer wr450

i street legalized my wr450 and it is not required to have a speedometer but it would be convenient so i dont get pulled over for not knowing how fast im going. i need something cheap. i prefer it to be digital so it has all the gauges and such. it also needs to be convenient to put on the bike without major modifications. thanks!

Bicycle speedometer is the cheapest option.  Don't get wireless.  The ignition may interfere with the signal.  Trail tech is the next cheapest option.

Didn't it come with one?

oem might be the cheapest easiest.


Trail tech is pretty easy.

How about this meter. Stock on most WR 450 2006-2009. May fit other models as well. $ 50.00 shipped inside US.


Didn't it come with one?

oem might be the cheapest easiest.

i bought it used and it didnt have a speedometer 

Get a stocker from Ebay.

If you are referring to the 04 you have, it's got a cable driven mechanical odometer.  JC Whitney sells a universal speedometer for Japanese bikes.  It will connect to the cable on your bike and read with reasonable accuracy.  Cost about $40.  I've used 2 of them, one on a WR and they work fine.  You can find the same thing on ebay for under $20.  

Download an app on your smartphone and simply by a holder for it, cheapest and easiest way I know of.


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