2007 YZ450F gears

I recently lost 5th gear on my bike, 1st-4th are just the same.clutch is adjusted properly, when I shift to 5th it slips in and out and basically I can not use 5th gear now. I would love to know what is causing this and what I need to do to fix. I love the bike, everything about it for a 220lb.. rider it is just enough with no mods. 

If its slipping in and out of gear it's because you busted some teeth off of that gear.

Not teeth, at least not until the problem gets worse.  This is one of the few almost common problems with the YZF.  The locking lugs on the third and fifth pinions (on the main shaft) have worn into a reverse dovetail condition that forces them away from each other under a load.  As soon as they slip out, the load is gone and the fork slams them right back together.  This goes on in a cycle when ever the load is great enough to cause it.  The shift fork will be bent, of course.


This generates a lot of impact energy in the gear box, so it can end up breaking teeth if it goes on long enough.

Thank's sound's like I know what to order and hope they offer a upgraded tougher version of the gears, 

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