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upside down forks

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Yes, several options, including conventional cartridge forks.


Forks from a MX bike have 2 1/2" more travel and ride height, plus more weight.  Early MX forks are damper rod damping (no valving), later have a cartridge that provide damping like a car shock.  Mid to late 80s were a transition from damper rod damping to cartridges, and eventually rebound and compression clickers. Then the USD forks. Except Suzuki went back to conventional forks in the late 90s.

USDs from the 90s have a bad rep for harshness compared to conventional cartridge forks of the era.  That isn't a desirable trait for trail riding and I don't know if a tuner can fix that.


The closest in length to your existing forks are Showa 37mm mini USDs used on the 96+ CR80/85/CRF150R and 02+ RM80, The 150 has a 15mm axle, the others 12mm.  Also valving part numbers changed during the years. Two caveats; you need to cut down the fender mount posts, and run low profile tires because the forks are a bit shorter than yours. I did this conversion on my XR200 Weight Reduction.

Also KYB 36mm mini USDs used on 98+ KX80 and 95+ YZ80/85


Another option is a XR250R front end, it is the easiest because it just bolts on and suits the ride height of your rear shock. Add Racetech Emulators and you are close to cartridge forks for damping. 84-84 are 38mm and weigh an ounce more than your forks, and are more rigid than your forks for better handling ( I did this on a 90).  87+ are 41mm, 96+ are cartridge forks.


I have a pair of KYB 46mm conventional cartridge forks from a 89 RM125 and they are so good.


My CRF250X has Showa Twin Chamber forks and they are very very good. ( The compression clicker is on the top, rebound bottom, opposite the clickers on regular forks.)

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