Worn chain slider

Just did a full inspection on the bike. Slight abrasion on the swingarm from the chain slider. The slider itself is worn 3\4 of the way through. 11 months time on bike. I bought a new one yesterday and plan to insulate the swing arm from the slider using 1\32 rubber sheeting. Iv'e been using a

Regina "X" ring chain. I looked on the CR450 F posts and they have alot of chain slider and slap problems too.

I've had mine for two years now and no probs. Just kept it adjusted and lubed. It's sweetness.

I am on my 2nd one in 3 yrs and find it hard to believe that I can get a REAR AND FRONT fender for about 30bucks but one of these little rubber THINGYS is the same price as both fenders!!!?? :)

I am in the process of experimenting fixing my current one that has just BARELY worn thru.

I have taken an old FLY HD tube that was toast and cut out a section, traced the slider onto it and cut out with a simple pair of scissors! (believe it or not the scissors (wife's) worked much quicker and more xact than my carpet knife)

I JB welded the tube piece to the slider and trimmed the edges (only for looks) and it seems as if it is going to work great! :D

Hopefully saved me 30bucks and recycled a tube that was headed for the dumpster!


(If I recycle does that make me a TREE HUGGER COMMY BASTARD?)


check the other side of the swingarm.

Mine and my friends 00' Wr was worn from just the rear brake hose! :D

Not a lot but definately noticable.

Towards the front of the swingarm between the plastic guide and the front.

I may affix a piece of the tube to the SA to keep any more DMG being done by the HOSE.??? :D

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The chain sliders on most YZF's wear the swingarm and have chain slap. I had this problem on my 250f untill I removed all of the retainer washers that hold the slider on and modified them. All you have to do is remove the retainers, take a 14mm socket and hammer the outter lip down into a mushroom shape and re-install. This will eliminate the wear on the swingarm and the chain slap because the slider is now tight on the swingarm and can't move around.



BTW the foam I used under the slider lasted about 3 months and I have since then replaced it with an old HD inner tube and it works great!

I removed the retainer washers and bolts, and lifted up the chain slider. I placed a bead of clear silicone under the chain slider. I then placed a rubber o ring on each retainer washer before installing it. The o ring took up the slack in the bolts. The chain slider is now securely in place and the bolts hold it down tight. = no more wear on swingarm

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