Gytr tuner and run

I got my tuner for my '10 yz450 the other day, amount other functions the run time is handy... If I can figure it out....

Can someone tell me exactly how many hours this bike has now done?


I want to think that it's now at 87 hours ( approx ).....

Please chin in if you know more than I do about this.....

I believe that's correct, except that the time registered in the ECU can be reset to zero at any time, or at multiple times, so unless you are aware of the full history from day one, you can't bank on that number.


OTOH, there is at least that amount of time on the unit.

Thanks for the reply!! It's a bit of a silly question I guess but grateful for your reply!

This should be the original hours from new, PO owned from new but had in storage and didn't have the tuner ( he knew what it was etc ) he said that he couldn't tell the exact hours-he didn't have the tuner but if I got one that I would know the hours from new. Lots of bikes end up with about 80 hours anyways....

Hoping I'll still get lots of life out if this motor before rebuild time.....

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