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Xr200r flywheel and stator

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I have what I believe to be is a 86 xr200r but the guy that helped built its keeps saying its a 83 to 85. I recently traded for this bike and found the stator in bad and was wondering if excluding the 84 an 85 would other years be just as simple bolt on swap r is there major differences? I have a headlight and tail on this bike also. And is there anyone with good info on how to rewind these stairs BC I work at a electric motor shop but none of us has really done one before. And the case on engine is a ME05 I will look at the flywheel and post the part number on it later and any help would be much appreciated by this army war veteran

And sorry for the terrible typing I am on my phone

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Early engines were painted black inside and out, 86+ are Honda silver.

ME05 is the 86-02 engine.


All of the alternators swap, except for the TLR because of its larger taper, but you need matching rotor, stator and side cover. Plus the wiring harness and electrical if converting early to late or vice versa because of the change in connector style on the components. 

e.g. I put 86+ system on a 82 for more power for the headlight, side benefit was a heavier rotor for a smoother idle.


The early alternators had one or two windings with armature plates sticking out each end.

Stator 81-83 XR200R.JPG



The later units looked like this:

Stator 86-88 XR200R.JPG


If yours has two wires out it is 86-88, three wires out 90+, same rotor and side cover.


Also the late units have two unused poles for windings. The winding turns vs wire gauge determine voltage and wattage at different rpm and the calculation complicated so I recommend Ricky Stator.

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