What part failures have you guys had ????

Part failures???? Factory chain lasted about three months . third gear dog teeth 4th months and $ 750 dollars . Of course one back tire . Don't get me wrong I love the bike. :)

All stock chains, as well as the handlebars, are junk on Jap bikes, should've expected that. The tranny problems are kind of odd. All I have had is a fuel tank and one fork seal go bad.


First failure connecting rod.

Second dropped valve.

I have seen MANY transmission failures (usually 3rd of 5th) out here in the desert races.

Both of the failures on my bike were post 420 kit. It was fine as a 400. I believe the rod may have been a detonation problem as it blew on the owner before me. I rode with his jetting and got tons of detonation in the middle (lean needle) The valve was overrev from missing shifts. I found a bent shift fork after the valve dropped, that explained the missed shifts.

Probably gonna jinx myself but I have NEVER had a problem with any of my YZ-F's. I have been riding them since they first came out at the end of 97. I did strip a bolt once because my torque wrench hands misread the tightening!!!


Probably gonna jinx myself but I have NEVER had a problem with any of my YZ-F's. I have been riding them since they first came out at the end of 97. I did strip a bolt once because my torque wrench hands misread the tightening!!!


I have a 2001 and have never had a problem with it. I squished my rad doing a catwalk which cost 400 canadian. I just bought a 2002 250f ,hope its just as buulet proof.

I have had 4 YZF's 1999-2001& 1 WR426 2001. I have had no failures of any kind on the YZF's except occasional stripped bolt. On the WR - I had major engine problems due to metal pin accident - WR to YZ timing - pin fell into cylinder - caused all kinds off havoc $850.00 to fix all damage. This was my fault though. The bikes are bullet proof as long as you maintain correctly.

multiple fork seals, multiple cb-gear keys, It didn't crack, but yammy replaced my early 00/426 clutch basket, stripped oil filter cover bolt, now the bottom end is siezed- lots of shavings in the filter won't idle, piston is new and cylinder looks good, so I need to split the cases. :):D:D When it runs, it runs! :D When it's broke I long for a Honda. My next bike will not be a Yamaha. Sorry guys. :D

I've owned my YZ426 for two years now and except for chain, bars and sprockets I've had 2 gas tank failures (cracks) the second of which Yamaha replaced for free and had to replace my throttle cable. Other than that, it's been a great bike.

Hey there, I have a 98 model that I bought in Jan of 2000 from the original owner and besides the usual, chain sprockets and bars, I have only had one set of fork seals go! I love how these bikes hold up with proper maintance!!

Less see, throttle cable, clutch basket & inner hub, rear disc but thats because some dumbass decided I looked like a berm. Bars, another dumbass. My subframe is bent too, same dumbass as bars. Its all good though :)

Guys I can't say enough about my 01' 426.

I've had this bike going on 1 year and all I done is replace the fork seals and keep an eye on the spokes.

Whether you believe this or not is up to you...

I haven't even adjusted my chain yet.

The rear sprocket is just now starting to show wear and the rear tire is ready to be replaced.

And I thrash this bike....I don't baby it whatsoever.

This is the most reliable bike I've ever owned.

Just because of that I really take alot of care to perform the recommended maintenance.

I have 2 friends that ride these bikes and just like me....no problems for exception of a broken hub and that was probably due to not checking the sproket bolts. 1 major problem with 3 bikes.....I think Yamaha has a winner here.

This site is just too cool and all of you guys that post here are great.

2001 426, got it 13 months ago. Chain/sprockets, no teeth were left on the rear sprocket. Both fork seals. Shift pawl spring.

Is all.

FWIW, I rode the crap outta this bike in the last year. Had one week long trail ride 600+ miles (Colorado 500), 4-5 enduros, numerous trail rides and track trips.


Got a 00 426. 7 Novice Desert races (top 3 in 5)and not a damn thing wrong. Except for of course chain,sprokets handle bars and a rear tire.

Just some bad bolts, threads and such, and fork seals that will leak if I don't clean them/grease the wiper occasionally. It's just the same Yamaha areas of concern that I had dating back to my 93 YZ 250. All the bikes have their little areas that you need to watch. On my KX's I always had to watch the head pipe junction, lock tite the kickstarter, bleed the brakes etc etc.

The hardest part was learning as you go or hoping some rag would tell you what to watch out for. Nowadays with the net (especially TT) you can start out ahead of the game.

Ok guys I need some advice.

The 426 is the only bike Ive owned or ridden(Very forgiving bike). I bought it in 01 and do regular mantainence. Oil,Filters and sparky. Beyond that I am lost. What are some of the essentials I'm missing and what are some of the things you don't want to do? I would be gratfull for any tips you have to offer.

Yamaha Rulz!!! :)

Well, with my '00 426 I had the grabby clutch syndrome, replaced the basket and plates. Blew out the hub in a rocky area, I think a large rock jammed between chain/sprocket and twisted hub apart. Front caliper mount broke in half, went to an oversized rotor and LOVE IT! Along with the usual; chains/sprockets, tires, handlebars, accessories. I think the bike has treated me well for 2 years worth of riding. I'm truly pleased with it.

Ride Hard



Lets see, I've run the piss out of this bike and it's been a great bike, starts fine hell I just changed the plug for the first time yesterday since I purchaced the bike, I was wondering if it had a plug.Bought the bike in june 00 blew a few fork seals no big deal, cracked 2 gas tanks but Yamaha step to the plate and replaced them (big thumbs up for Yamaha)Now it seems I have 4th gear going out, I'll just have to see what I find out when I open it up. As far as the tranny I can't fault Yamaha I'm really hard on trannies so I guess I have to take the blame. The bike has been damn near maintance free I love it, I bought another one :)

hey old timmer

I just bought a 02 250f as well, Hope its just as reliable as the 426.

I have had my 01' 426 since last July or August and can honestly say I have had 0 problems except for the occasional fouled plug which is my fault for over-oiling the air filter. Other than that I love this bike. I hope this bike will last me for many years! (cuz it is going to take me that long to pay for the thing) Damn I wish somebody would buy my ole' 93' Kx250. That would help a little. But as far as I am concerned I have already got my money's worth!! Keep rippin it! Frank :):D

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