Cracked rear wheel hub

My new WR is in, but my good-old 426 broke during what was supposed to be my last ride on it before selling it. The left rearwheel bearing broke (my fault waited too long to serve it) the problem is that the bearing balls entered between the axle and the hub center, not having sufficient space, the bearing balls forced the alloy hub and now i have 3 cracks of 2 inches each in the center of the hub (perpendicular to the axle) The area where both bearing bear are in tact and not damaged. The problem is that these hubs are very expensive in Brazil and I am not in the mood to spent tons of money on my old bike that I will sell (obviously in a good state also) Has anyone had similar problems and is welding a solution...? Please help.

I was looking o power sports pro web site about buying the stuff to build another rear wheel and they was showing a rear hub for my wr450 for $105 also showed the front for $176, look in the partsfish section they should have a hub for your bike.

I agree you could weld it but the cost to do it and you may need to remachine the bearing seats if you get too much distortion and to also get it right you might as well bite the bullet and get a cheap hub used or new.

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