Bar mounts

There are many parts houses for stock Yamaha parts. Just Google Yamaha motorcycle parts.

Google it huh. thanks.

Are you sure the bar mounts are in fact bent? Rubber mount clamps will move in the triple clamp with impacts, remove them, inspect and reinstall.

Removed and inspected. The bolt that goes through the triple clamp is visibly bent.

replace the bolt?

I think the bolt and lower part of the bar holder are one piece. I will double check when I am home.


For OEM Yamaha Parts....I like  Very good pricing and reasonable shipping costs.  I think if you order $89 for more and use promo code SHIPFREE13 you can get free shipping.


Part numbers are available in the parts fiche.


Of course there are plenty of other online parts places that people shop online.


You must have hit pretty hard to be able to bend the holder.  And you are right there are no rubber mounts on the '09 WR450F

Thank you very much!

I guess I was just surprised that Pro Taper, ect didn’t offer an aftermarket replacement. Looks like OEM it is but at least your example is cheaper then I have seen.

The bike and I did have a difference of opinion on the route to take to the bottom of the washout…. but we both got there about the same time J. Cost me a helmet, bars, bar mounts, brake lever, my front plate looks like it took a shotgun blast, other plastic took a beating, exhaust took a few scratches. I was dressed for the crash and walked away with no Dr. visits so all things considered, I did okay.


Thanks for the traffic guys.

Rocky Mountain has them in stock for $56 a piece.

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I'll sell you mine for $30 a piece + shipping.  Off of a '07 WR450. Barely used as I put on a Scotts damper pretty quick after getting the bike.


photo (4).JPG

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