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Rm 125 99'-00' yolk questions.

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Im trying to get a hold of a set of 99'-00' yolks for the 49mm USD forks but im unsure as to what to buy.

I realise the size i need, 55.5mm upper and 59.5m lower but the sellers here in the uk have no idea apparently how to use verniers.


So im hoping there is an obvious difference someone can point out to confirm what i need. 


Im currently looking at these:




The seller claims they are from a 97' rm 125 and will fit up to 00' but are for conventional forks.


then there are these:




which another seller claims are for a 00' rm 125 still cant provide measurements for.



The obvious difference is the lip at the front. 


the second picture look like they have no chance of fitting, but as for the first picture, did rm's before 99'-00' have USD forks? in which case what size. it wouldn't surprise me if the seller didnt know what he was selling as in his messages he seems like a bit of an idiot. Did the 99'-00' model rm's come with both USD and conventional forks? or is there something im missing.. 


I would happily import a set of yolks from the US.. if i didn't have to pay 20% Vat and then like another 3% duties. Considering i got the forks for free i wouldn't mind doing this as cheaply as possible! 


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