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Clutch question/help

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I have a 97 CR250...so I have a couple questions hopefully someone can answer.


First, If I am just replacing the clutch plates, can I just lay the bike on its side without draining the oil and the coolant?  I saw this on a video and since I just changed my oil and antifreeze I would prefer not to have to drain both again, but it looked like they were working on a four stroke not a 2 stroke.


Second, I just got this bike and I'm trying to figure out and fix whats wrong (I prefer to fix it right now verses something blowing up later).  I still have carb issues or maybe a air leak (and I noticed my throttle cable was routed incorrectly) so yesterday I was putting around and it was idling really high - that I can figure out hopefully - but my question is when I was letting the clutch out (as it was revving higher that it should be) it would bog down some and then just grab.  Didn't seem smooth like it should be.  Could this be worn clutch plates?  Or a worn basket?  Or both?  Or would it have to do with it idling too high?  I put Bel Ray Gear saver in it when I changed the oil.


Sorry if this seems like a dumb question, I haven't had a 2 stroke in a long time and I didn't get to ride this bike before I bought it.  And I know I should take it apart first before asking but hopefully someone has some insight before I take it apart so I know what to look for.



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