Where to find WR400 Radiator Guard - Obsolete

I need to get a new Radiator roost guard for my WR400. Yamaha part number 5BF-2172A-10-00. The problem is that it's obsolete, Yamaha has stopped making this part and I can't find anywhere that has stock.


Any ideas? I'd even take a used one from ebay.




edit: should have mentioned this is for a 2000 WR400. The 98 and 99 WR's used part number 5BF-2172A-00-00 instead.

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Update, I ordered the 99/98 rad roost guard, p/n 5BF-2172A-00-00. It is the same as the 2000 rad roost guard p/n 5BF-2172A-10-00, except that it's black instead of white.

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