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Stumbling / Hesitation from FCR-MX carb On Acceleration

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hey guys.


Been trying to tweak the FCR-MX carb some more. Bike is rideable, albeit the popping is rather loud, and I get an odd stutter / hesitation on acceleration- Quite jarring.


I'm still kinda curious about how to properly set the AP screw underneath the throttle wheel, and what could be causing the odd surging and popping. It only happens as i'm rolling on the throttle between 1st and 3rd, each time following by a stutter then a slight pop from the exhaust. Once i'm in 5th, if you "drop" the throttle to resting position then try to roll back on, it will also hesitate a little.


Settings are currently:  


Carb: EMN Needle @ 3rd notch, F/A screw at 3 turns out, 160 main jet, 45 Pilot Jet, 200 Main Air jet, Pilot Air jet removed.

Engine: 434 Big Bore

Exhaust: Yoshimura RS2 Comp

Running 91 Octane no-ethanol fuel.


What could be wrong?

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