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New owner 2007 rmz450

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This is my first suzuki bike I've owned. I traded for it with it running terribly lean. It wouldn't barely crank but would run. So first thing I pulled it apart to check the valves and they where in spec. I proceeded to but it back together and mess with the carb. Turned the idle adjustment screw all the way in which was really far and backed it off some. Set fuel mixture to 2.5 out since it had full fmf power bomb and power core silincer. A few minute later. After chocking and kicking. 5 pumps of the trottle and chock and it cranked. Then I idled it down to a good idle but as soon as I touched the gas it back fired and died. Cranked it again and afrt about a minute of running the header was glowing red. Now I hve pulled the carb an the jets are way way off from what research I have done so a jet kit will be in order. But my reason for the post is that I was looking inside the head at the valves on the intake side and it appears these it has some head work done be cause it doesn't look like any factory casting that I can tell and I see the marks. And it's opened up pretty good from what few pix I can compare to online. Any opinions are appreciated as I said this is my first RMZImageUploadedByThumper Talk1402622724.930209.jpg

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