What side (left or right) do I mount a radiator fan?

Hi guys,

I'm mounting one computer fan to my 2012 WR 450. Which radiator, left or right side should I mount it? I suspect that a particular side might be effective? My bike overheats constantly so hopefully this helps.


Also is there a thread that shows someone who's done a fan with a on/off switch? I would also like to install a temperature gauge if that is possible.




On my 2006 WR450 I had to install a 120mm fan on the right side because on the left there is just no space to install it properly.

I dont know if the 2012 model has the same "problem" here..........

Hum I wonder what they do to the WR450's down under that come street legal. The bikes get hot sitting in traffic and no fan.

Proper jetting/mapping and intake/exhaust mods usually prevent all over heating, if you use non-water coolant and a 1.6 bar cap.


If you do rides with lots of clutch slipping, then you will need a fan and possibly even larger radiators.


If the motor and tuning is stock, a fan is  required, but does not solve the problems...of running lean/ hot, just prevents overheating.

I installed the fan on my 2012 on the right side radiator and just use an on off switch for now. Its attached to the Yamaha branded radiator guards. I did have to grind some of the side plastic away so the fan wouldn't hit anything. The fan I used was also not a computer fan. I believe it was a spal brand fan.



A computer fan, that should last a while on a dirtbike hahaha!

Yeah, a computer fan will work for a month or two, if you are lucky.

You need a motor with bearings, not bushings, and one that has a motor that floats in the frame.

...hence, all the kits.

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