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Pro Circuit Retro Honda

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Anyone see the racer X video of their Retro Team Peak crf250r? Wow! Some of you may remember my Team Peak graphics on my 13 450. I could believe how similar the 2 bikes look! When I originally put the photos up it was largely stock, now its had a few more bits put on it so here's an update-


First up here's the full Pro Circuit bike-

 Pro Circuit 250f.JPG


Here's mine-

72 <a href='https://thumpertalk.com/link/click/4521/' rel='nofollow' data-ipsHover-target='https://thumpertalk.com/index.php?app=autolink&module=links&controller=content&id=4521' data-ipsHover target='_blank' rel='noopener' data-autoLink>Honda</a> 14 1a.jpg


Its now got Vortex X10, Full Yoshi, SM Pro Platinum Wheels, Samco Hoses, Boyesen clutch cover and water pump, Emig grips, Cyrca factory plate, carbon fork and exhaust guards, splitstream rocker drain kit, hammerhead shift lever, crfstuff bolt set, Renthal intelilevers, Talon footpegs, pro circuit holeshot


72 Honda 14 2a.jpg 

72 Honda 14 3a.jpg

72 Honda 14 4a.jpg

72 Honda 14 5a.jpg

72 Honda 14 6a.jpg



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