frayed throttle cable - theory

Yesterday I had much of my bike (an '01) apart for some inspection/adjustment and noticed that my throttle cable was frayed too! :) But I looked closer and the cable that was frayed was the cable used to close the throttle, not open the throttle. I also noticed that if I put tension on either cable that the cable ends lined up perfectly (the cable did not rub) for the tensioned cable, but the loose cable did rub on the cable end. This leads me to wonder if the frayed cable deal isn't possibly due to too much freeplay in the cable, allowing the loose side to bow and rub on the end of the cable. When either cable is under tension then that cable lines up so perfectly that I don't see where it could rub. Any thoughts on this?

I think I have heard this story many times including from myself. $30 later........


I know it is not a perfect fix but it surely is a good temp fix. Mine has lasted 1.5yrs so far like this.

You would think Yammy would have double checked their protractor measurement b4 they modeled the bracket for a million bikes!!! :D

Maybe their way of getting an extra 30 bucks a yr from us!? :D

Kind of like Dodge and their $25 headlights!!! :)

sir- mine was the push (return) cable also. I just picked up my new cable, so I'll look at the alignment tonight...



My theory is that the cable rubs on the end of the adjuster screw that goes into the carb mount. These can get a little sideways if not correctly aligned upon reassembly.

If the screws aren't centered, the edge digs into the cable.

However, I agree that too much slack in the cable could also cause the cable to meet the edge, but it's not moving at the point so the wear down would be minimal.


What I found on my 99 was the mount (bracket) that holds the end of the cables on the carb needed to be bent just a bit so the cables would line up in the pulley on the carb. If it isn't lined up, the cables rub on the steel pully and wear out. There should be very little slack in the cables also.

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