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My cr250 locked up

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So I went riding with a fellow TTer last week on my 1998 cr250. Everything was great, I had rebuilt my first top end a couple months ago by myself after reading my manual and watching tons of videos.

I went riding a bunch of times since and everything sounded great. However, my throttle cable must have been poorly routed because when I reached the top of a trail it got stuck wide open. Unfortunately, my killswitch had slid too far away from my thumb to reach and I panicked. I decided to bail instead of hold the clutch in :smart: So after eating sheet and making sure there was no sheet in my pants I quickly hobbled over and killed the engine (by this point, maybe 15 seconds after crashing the bike was down the trail and NOT stuck wide open).

My riding buddy actually hopped on my bike and bump started it down the trail and rode it up and around to the top of the hill which was a closer hobble for me than the bottom of the trail. So the bike actually ran fine after the crash... then we sat around. Figuring out where we were and fixing the cable routing, we probably sat there for a half hour. My leg hurt and my bars were bent but I needed to get back to camp so I go to fire her up. Thats when the sheet hit the fan.

When I kicked it over (took a couple times) it fired up and immediately I knew something was wrong. A little boggy sound followed by a rattle (like the tab of a can of soda inside the can rattling around) and immediately the motor died and crank locked up. This all happened in seconds.

So yesterday I took the top end off and this is what I found..... (looking for pics upload button)

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