02 YZ426 Weak spark

I have an 02 YZ426 that used to run real good, and seemed to start a little on the hard side now and than, after sitting for a while, couple months... it has a very very weak spark, checked most everything according to the manual and everything looks ok, coil tested good, but all my tests on the CDI were way under what the manual says; resistance anyways, the previous owner did have it rigged up with lights and turn signals and a small battery, but havent taken the side cover off to see if the stator is after market or not, tomorrow's project. So does anybody have any ideas what it could be causing the weak spark? it's weak enough where it wont start. I also tested the 2 yellow wires coming off the stator, which i assume probably isn't a stock stator correct? i was told those are the "power" wires and I'm only getting around 1 volt from each one turning it over by hand as fast as I can while reading the meter still haha. Somebody who knows these pretty good said I should be getting around 10 volts? just curious which direction I should head in, really not into throwing parts at it, give me a car and i'll make it run, but bikes... not so much


Thanks for any help!


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