2006 WR450 Multi Function Display issue...

Hey there....looking for some input on an issue with my MFD on my bike that i have not seemed to find in numerous searches, but if there is a topic or thread please point me in the right direction...ill try to make a long story short (but i dont want to leave out anything that may be important so please bear with me).


While on a recent ride i noticed that there was a slight discrepancy on the mileage that my display had indicated compared to what the calculations that the map i was referring to led to.  While the reading was a bit higher i didnt make much of it.  


 A day later I went to go play around the night before another ride and when in went to start the bike with the e start, the starter twtiched and the MFD reset like the battery was dead, so i kicked it over and went along, again thinking nothing of it....(the battery is pretty new  replaced early last season).  


On the ride the next day i tried the e start with the same results (well maybe the battery may be going out)...kicked it over and along i went.  I then was riding along and was looking at the speedometer and the readings were extremely erratic and for the most part very high, but here and there i would get a brief reading that seemed realistic. 


While on a break i took the seat off and checked the connections at the battery and found a slightly loose  positive connection at the battery terminal...tightened it up with no change.  After that i noticed that the MFD would reset itself in the middle of a kickstart attempt from time to time but would eventually fire up and run normally.  


Later that night after we got home i looked over a few things and found nothing out of the ordinary mechanically or electrically.



Any help would be greatly appreciated.  





mine had those problems related with the multi function display (there is a post some pages back on this subforum) and it's related with the battery.

As someone told me there, eletronics and a flat battery tend to do some funny things... one of them is the incorrect speed  values you get  (that go very high even if the bike is stoped )

The solution ? I took my battery out, charged it with an external charger. Although it didnt hold the charge above 12.4 / 12.5v as recommended, it works flawlessly now ;)

Clean all harness and ground connections, add conductive grease, and test your battery and charging system


The threshold voltage required is about 11 volts.

If it falls below that, the chips do unpredictable things .

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