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Running hot due to smashypoo

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So I took a bell ringer a while back and smashed my expansion pipe to the frame on my 02 kx250. Looks like the pipe has a new seam where it smushed. Anyway, it ran fine until I completed a full rebuild, but the old PV parts where gone, the skirt was cracked, etc. I did not replace the pipe, it was a fight to get it mounted but she fit.. I took pics, but can't upload for some reason..I measure the inner diameter of the pipe at the head, was like 41mm at its narrowest it was like 35mm widest 60's.. Smashed but not too crazy...

I suppose my question to you guys would be this.

Can a smashed pipe make your engine run hot and cause a idle bounce hiccup only when warm? Almost like a lean condition, but no leaks, and factory jetting.. I thought maybe I had gone too rich, and it was dieseling, like too much carbon keeping heat.. If I really run it, the kill switch doesn't want to kill very quick.. It has to be this pipe or maybe pump gas is crappier than it was in 02..? Help me out fellas, btw.. Tonight I tried to bend the pipe back, I think I will just buy another.. It don't want to fit now. Lol

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