Hey guys, I just bought a new 02 426 and am new to the 4-stroke game.

I have read lots of posts where guys list having a magnetic drain plug. Do they work? Do you really need one? Who makes them and how much $$$

Thanks, I love this site!

Terrycable sells one. Here is the description.

DP107-1 YAM. YZ/WR400-426 HONDA XR400-600 16.95

Website, look in racing products page 4.


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if you go to you can download their catalog, lots of goodies for your bike. moose, gytr,and works connection also make them!

You can get one through your yamaha dealer also. It is a GYTR part. I'm not sure the part number, check the Yamaha web site. Also cost about $16.

I have one. I don't know if you "need' one, but mine catches small pieces of debris. Can't hurt anything to have one. I would rather have the debris stuck to my magnetic plug than circulating through my motor.


I just bought an 02' 426 also. I was advised to put in the magnetic plug for the first few oil changes (but will probably just leave it in). I paid $12 at Racer's Pit Stop (Shingle Springs, CA). Wow, a part that was actually cheaper in CA........

You guys are great! Thanks for the help!

I use the plug. It is about $15.00 of well spent cash. The thing I like about the magnetic plugs is that they will catch pieces small enough to make it through the oil filter. One of the cheapest investments you can make for you bike.


I went to Radio Shack and bought two "Rare Earth" magnets (about $2). They are small enough to JB weld to the drain plug.

Someone else on the list suggested this and I have been using since September. No problem.

Steve T

I use the Moose magnetic..fits fine and has a nice big 14mm head on it! 12$ at my local dealer counter.

I'm thinking about wraping my bike in coper wire and attaching a 12 volt battery to it. Any thoughts? Or should I just throw my money around like you guys? :)

Originally posted by Scarylong:

I'm thinking about wraping my bike in coper wire and attaching a 12 volt battery to it. Any thoughts? Or should I just throw my money around like you guys? :D

It helps, but not as much as you may think. I tried solid copper wire first, holds it shape well, but stranded held up much better in the rocks. I opted for a 6 volt jeep battery, mucho amp delivery, cool glow at night. It was a little heavy at first (38lbs), so I bought all titanium fasteners to make up for it. Mounting the battery was tough. I finally used the Scotts billit aluminum mount. I didn't like it on the bars (acid splash caused me to go through a whole case of tear offs :) ), so I removed my airbox and put it there. Now remember, when you run the snorkel tube from the carb up to your backpack (where the air filter is now) do NOT use any stainless braided tube. If it contacts the wire wrap, all you hair will stand up for days :D (yeah days). As for the Scotts billit mount, try different offsets. The "TY signature" offset is good for desert, but if your gonna go up against "RC" in a supercross, you may want the 6.875mm offset (it seems to fly better over the 87 ft triples). I can't wait till Pro Circuit comes out with their new Titanium wire kit. Talk about bucks, but well worth it. Titanium is much better around salt water, no corrosion, not to mention it's great aerodynamic properties. You don't have to wax it near as much as copper, and let me tell you waking every little starnd gets tiring. In the mean time, I think I'll just gold plate my whole bike (you never know when California will fall into the ocean giving Phoenix a great beach, I can smell the salt air now :D ).

I'll try and post pictures later, as soon as I figure out how to get this disposable camera to fit into my "A" drive.

Zipty or Terrycable same=same. I hear these are stronger than the moose or GYTR versions. Anyway, after looking at that picture how many people still think the $15 isn't worth it?


Just hope that Rare Earth magnet does not fall off inside your engine, "OUCH". :):D:D

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