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Crf linkage and swingarm on cr

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Hello everybody, it's my first time on this forum.... it is my first time ever on a forum actually!

Although I found someting about the same question I'm going to put, I have now a more direct discussion to open.... I own both CR250 '05 and CFR250 '09 which I use for enduro riding (I live in Sardinia, country of the last ISDE, by the way). The reason is too long to explain, but I swapped the swingarms and rear linkage from one bike to the other (not the shock, though). I measured all was possible before doing it and compared OEM references. The swingarms references are not the same but I guess it is for slide chain brackets and link bolt seat, dimensions between the three holes match. Knuckle references are the same, so no dubt about. Now.... the link rods, or clevis, have different reference but I tried many time to understand what could change with no success. The one from CR is marked C051, the one from CRF C051A. I measured, put the bolt in both holes at the same time and so on..... they match. The result: by measurements bikes look like having same height as before, CRF works great on the field, CR not tested yet but it will be done soon. Does anyone know which problem I may encounter if I stay in this situation? Any help or suggestion will be welcomed! Thank you in advance and greetings for this fantastic forum

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