jet size?

I'm new here but I've been reading and enjoying these posts for about two months. I would like a recomendation on what jet size (main and pilot) to install on my newly acquired 94 XR650L. I have done the common mods for these bikes that I found out about on this forum. I've removed the smog pump and airbox snorkel and have drilled the vaccum slide holes to 5/32" and shimmed the stock needle .035". The exhaust is stock with the baffle removed. I may install an aftermarket exhaust in the future to reduce weight and add power. For now the air filter is stock because it was new when I bought the bike a month ago. When it's time for a replacment it'll be a uni-filter. I'm at less than 500ft above sea level and 75% of my riding will be on pavement.

Thanks in advance for your help. :)

I don't have an xr650l so I don't know the stock jetting sizes but I have been compiling data on various bikes but have only gotten two submissions for xr650L;

This is what others have reported that worked.

first is a 2002 at 400 ft. (temp ~80F) MJ=162 PJ=55 needle=stock airfilter=UNI exhaust=White Bros E-Series

second is a 1998 at 3500ft. (temp ~75F) MJ=162 PJ=55 needle=Dynojet at 3rd position airfilter=K&N Stock exhaust with the following mods: (Removed the snorkel in the air box. Shimmed the stock needle with small washer. Drilled out the holes in the carb slide)

I wish I had more to help on this but turnout on my survey has been weak. (but I'm lacking time as well so I just work on it when I can)

Before you go by these, let's see what input others can pass on.


Before I got the pumper I was running a 165mj 55pj with the stock needle shimmed .035 and the dynojet spring with the slide drilled and the air/fuel screw 1/34 turns out with snorkel & smog removed, full yoshi RS3 without the TEC insert at sea level. I would think the 162mj would be close to spot-on for the baffle removed. Would anyone recommend cutting the stock spring down or would the tension not make a difference? Also not exactly sure how it would react with a paper filter.

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