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Bike advice?

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Hi everyone,


I'm sure you guys see these types of posts all the time, but I'm wondering what type of dirt bike I should upgrade to? I'm short, only 5'3 so I don't want anything that's too tall.


I just started this season and am currently rocking an XR100. I absolutely love the honda, it starts great for me and is easy for me to pick up when I drop it... which is lots haha. I pretty well only do trail riding, but I'm finding that I top out pretty quick when trying to keep up with the boys on their 450's. Some steeper hills I almost don't make it up because I don't have enough power (or don't have enough skill to utilize it fully? Lol)


I've been searching through this site and others to try and find some help, but I find most posts are for women at are a lot taller!

Any help you guys can give me would be awesome! I'm thinking for next year I'll probably have to upgrade. I'd like to stay away from 2 strokes as from what I've read they're a lot more touchy?


Thanks in advance!


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