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Shifting into 1st, exhaust smoking, & clutch problems

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Hello all,


I have a 2002 hondar 250r, this is my first dirtbike ever and still have a lot to learn.


Im having problems shifting into 1st from nueatral but goes into 1st easily from 2nd, once in gear its hard to find neautral? Its one down and four up.


When starting the bike i expect to have some smoke coming from the exhaust but mine continues to smoke even after its warmed up?


My clutch cable is fully adjusted out and when I pull the clutch in the bike sometimes wants to keep going when im trying to slow to a stop and ends up killing it if i dont just keep going.


I use to have issues with it staying running at an idle I adjusted the idler crew inward but is at its max if i wanna keep the locknut on the screw itself, any suggestions on how to fix that to wear the screw is not so far in?  Note this does not make the bike idle too high which really throuws me off...


Thank you all in advance hope to hear back from anyone soon!

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You sir have a wonderful bike. The smoking could be from many different things. If you don't know much about the bike or it's history, there are some things you should probably do as it the bike... is new to you. 


Transmission - A lot bikes are tricky to find neutral. It is hard to sometimes find neutral when in second or coming from first. The more time on the bike the better you will get with finding neutral.




Get the bike jetted by a good professional shop. Don't take it to some Dick and Harry shop that your friend knows or some backyard mechanic (well if they are quality and have references). Call around and see who has a mechanic that has been at shop more then just a few years. This is where you want to take your bike. Research the shops. Once it is jetted, it will more than likely idle and run/ perform better and will probably stop smoking to some extent. Make sure to run the same premix at the same mix ratio with the same type of gas every time. This will alleviate spooge and smoking issues in my experience. Avoid using gas with ethanol in it as it will be more prone to corrosion. I personally run non oxygenated race gas @ 32:1 mixture and experience hardly any spooge.


You can attempt to jet it yourself, but many on this forum (including myself please note) cannot seem to jet the stock TMX carb to perform as they would want. Only recently was I able to dial my bike in and it is running like charm now. I installed an S7 nozzle from a 98 YZ 125. Others have also had luck with the S8. You may not need to change out the nozzle at all. 


If once the bike is jetted properly and it is still profusely smoking, please return and report and we could help you from there. If there are other problems, the shop/mech will probably find it with ease since it will cause difficulty jetting the bike.


Money will probably be of some concern, but trust me. It is worth it to save some money and have somebody who KNOWS what they are doing diagnose and repair/tune your bike instead of completely rebuilding the bike like I did, chasing a jetting issue with the carb. It was a lot of money and time wasted. Although I have learned a lot and can pretty much fix anything that doesn't make me a mechanic that can diagnose bike problems. I am a lot better then I used to be though. And I have time/money for the challenge. 


The clutch may need some adjusting, or it might be time for a new one. Try adjusting it back and forth with the adjuster bolts located on the cable. If when adjusting it, you cannot seem to get it to engage/disengage it when you would like it may be time for a new clutch. 


Take good care of that bike and it will take good care of you. I have 11hrs on my 03 complete rebuild and let me tell you what, I LOVE it. People are buying KTM 300s and ditching them after 3 months and coming back to these 3rd gen CR250s. It is a good bike and if you take care of it you won't be disappointed! 

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Thank you for your wisdom blaze I have been running 32:1 using Lucas two stroke oil with 91 octane in a two gallon gas can it's all I've put in it from day one of owning it

I was thinking of replacing the clutch cable and with your insight it couldn't hurt to do it anyways

Not too many business around where I live that specialize in two strokes we have a Honda dealer sorta speak that have mechanics so I might go talk to them about parts and pricing

I enjoy my bike as well it starts every time and doesn't have any problems other than listed. It scares the crap outta me still but I love getting on it and riding.

Will keep in touch and let you know what I do and what affects it has on the bike thnx again

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