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JD Kit & MRD Insatll

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I read all the posts and watched the youtube videos over and over for the install of my JD kit and MRD system.


Any final advice before I tackle this tomorrow?


Also when drilling out the part on the carb so it can be replaced with the new one has me a bit worried. How deep do I drill and how do I know when it is deep enough to screw the bolt in to pull the part out?





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The part you drill out is a brass plug with a hole in it.

Beneath it is the adjuster screw.

There's a gap between the two.

Once you drill through the plug, the bit falls through to the screw.

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I just did this last week, here's some things I noticed:



- Remove the throttle cables front first, then back, reinstall them in the reverse order

- Use needle nose plyers and pitch the cables about 1in from the bead and twist to re-insert the cable

- Removing the carb from the frame is a huge pain, but its completely possible, take a min if you get frustrated

- Using a pry on the airbox boot to give you some room to manever the carb can help

- Don't hesitate to use vice clamps on the float bowl screws, they're made out of butter and are going to be replaced by the head bolts

- Drilling the air screw is easy, just drill slow, the plug will come out long before you hit the air screw unless you're hitting it top speed or something

- Reinstalling the carb in the frame is about the only thing worse than trying to remove it, again, use a pry on the airbox boot

- Spray some duplicolor "Gunmetal Grey" paint on a Q-tip to touch up the frame where you scratch it up getting the carb out



- Be careful with the exhaust gasket so you can re-use it, they're brittle, if it stays in the head, leave it there

- Take the whole rear peg mount off the exhaust side to allow for extra clearance getting the tail pipe in and out (allows you to rotate the tail pipe further)

- don't tighten anything til its all connected up

- use PB blaster and a hammer and wood block if the stock header and tail pipe won't separate

- Some type of ratcheting hex tool will make life much easier on the head bolts

- Use anti-seize paste on the head bolts when you re-install


Good luck

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