Really clutch plates this soon !

I got 9 hours on my 14 450 . I wouldnt say im a clutch abuser but im a vet b rider. Yesterday i was racing and at times i would stab the clutch get on the gas and it felt like the the clutch was still engaged.... I guess im in need of plates :(

And yes theres plenty of free play at the clutch lever

Definitely not normal.  I have plates with 100 hours on them that are still in spec.  If you really abuse them they will heat up and have issues but that is usually under extreme abuse (think 1st gear technical rocky uphill) then be OK when they cool down.  I have never had an issue in a mx type situation.  What type of racing?

Mx .... I took them out and they look fine I dont know if its in my head and just wheel spin its like if i stab the cluth it takes a extra sec. Or two to release

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