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1986 CR 125

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I was offered an '86 cr125 without a motor and immediately agreed to taking it off the guys hands. He brought it over and I started cleaning it up and stripping all the plastics to get a better idea of what I had gotten myself into. Overall it's in a lot better shape than I thought it would be in so that's good. But now I have to find an engine for it. I was wondering what year 125 engines would be a direct fit (as far as I can tell any 84-86 cr125 engines will work). But I was also wondering if a 250 from around that time period would drop right in and bolt up. Other than the engine I don't really need much. It came with the carb and after about an hour and a bunch of carb cleaner I've got that cleaned up. I'll need new bars, and the front brake caliper and master cylinder are in pretty rough shape so I may need to find replacements. If anyone can answer this engine question and/or point me in the direction of somewhere to buy an engine that'd be awesome. I've got pics but not sure how to post them.

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