fork savers

I have read several posts stating their fork seals went out. Does transporting the bike tied down lead to this problem? will fork savers help prevent this or is it a waste of $20 dollars?

I just bought one about 2 months ago. It seems to work even though $20 is steep for a piece of plastic.

The mechanic who showed me how to re-jet my carb swears by them.

I use a bike shoe on my 426(it just holds the front wheel) and on my wifes kx100 and my sons xr100 I took two 2x4 nailed together and cut down to size and put that between the fender and tire. works great and cheap.

I bought one of those fork savers when i first got my 426 and it was a pain to get it wedged in there and it keeps falling out during transport. probably my fault by not tying it down enough...

I have 2 of these things. They work so well a friend of mine made 3 for him and his sons bikes. They are 2x4's his work as well as mine. :) I like the fact that when I go around a corner my bikes don't move an inch from side to side. You can crank down hard on the tiedowns. I drive the Ortega Hwy, :D (Las Curvas Peligrosas!/Dangerous Curves!)when I go out riding.

I just cut a piece of 2x4 to a length about one inch shorter than the distance from the under side of the front fender to the top of the front tire with the forks fully extended. When I tie down the bike I first put the piece of wood inbetween the front wheel and fender and then tie it down. It's nice and tight and the forks only get compressed about 1". So far the fender doesn't show any stress marks from doing it this way.

I don't know if tieing a bike down without a support will hurt the seals, but it certainly doesn't do any favors for the springs.

Ditto. 1x4 cut down, I added a top and bottom as well, so there is a flat surface against the tire and fender, not just the end of the 1x4 (narrow). Works most excellently.

I just put the top in place where the fender bolts to the clamps, then push it into the tire, and roll the bike back slightly to really wedge it good. THen just pick the front wheel up and lock it.

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