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xr100 sputter

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I've got a 99 xr100r of a friends i need some help with. Bike sat for 2 years w/ gas(>10% ethanol) in the bowl.Puleed carb completely apart an overnighted in carb cleaner. Made sure slow jet, main and all passages were clear and ressembled. Cleaned out tank and petcock. Replaced fuel line and added inline filter. Fresh gas and it fired second kick and idled fine. I set the adjuster under the front side of the carb to 2 turns out(wher i found it originally). Idles fine but sputters a bit in the lower rpms and throttle range. tried adjustinf the pilot screw but it had no effect on the sputter. Pulled carb back off, disassembled and ran through 5 cycles in an ultasonic w simple green in it. Same problem as before. Tried spark plug and new filter, same. The problem almost seems like its going with the rpms more than throttle opening and it doesnt feel like as much power as son's xr80. Ordered new 38 slow jet and 95 main just to be sure nobody's opened them up trying to clean previously and i'll try them when they get here. Mainly wondering which direction to go if this doesnt work and a good starting point for the pilot screw. Sorry post is so long, thanks for any help. 

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