Extending the rear brake. 13' yz450f

Hey guys recently I've just gotten into riding. Now my over all goal is to be descent on a mx. But I keep running into the problem of hitting my rear brake after airing things out. So it leads me to believe that I need to extend my rear brake from my foot peg. Or is it that I don't rev the motor before landing to keep the wheel spinning? I'm a noob when it comes to riding on the mx track. Could use any and all tips to help me change things up on the track to be the big guy flying past people on the track.

Braking in the air brings your nose down, revving in the air brings it up. That's the only way to change the attitude of your bike while you're in flight.

If you keep hitting the break accidentally, either: learn to rotate your toe out away from the pedal so you can roll your foot on the peg without hitting it, same as you do for the shifter, or, adjust the pedal drop with the link between the pedal and master cylinder.


Or both.  Always be careful in the first few minutes after an adjustment like that, too.

Ya mike, everything I'm landing I'm wanting to go over the handlebars. So I think I'm on the brake in the air pitching me forward the the bike giving me that feeling of wanting to go over. But I think I'll do what GREYRACER said, and adjust the lever and angle my feet out more.

You should be riding on your toes. On hard landings move closer to the arches of your feet, but not on them. Personally i wouldn't point your toe out. That's just asking to have your foot ripped off the peg and hurting your knee when you hit a deep rut, because you might develop a habit of keeping them pointed out.

Ahhhh....... see I always ride on my arches!!! That's something that I'll be doing from now on.(riding on my toes) see you learn something new everyday!! Thank you.

I have the same bike and just lowering the brake a little like gray racer said helped a lot for accidental braking.

You need to gas it right before you hit the ground or the engine compression will seem like you are braking.  Just give it gas as you land.

See that's what I was thinking Ryan! But regardless I need to start righting on the balls of my feet. And I might adjust the lever after it get my tech 7's and see how everything measures up. Thank you everyone!!!!

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