Time for a new chain.

The shop I used before last weekend charged $10.00 to mount a tire. Last weekend I changed both of mine myself with the help of an article in Dirt rider and a neighbor, it only took about 1 1/2hrs to do both front and back tires. I think with some more practice I will be able to do them faster its not that hard at all YOU JUST HAVE TO BE SMARTER THAN THE TIRE (thats the name of the article)

Spend your money on a good tire iron (I like my 15 year old Motion-Pro iron). It is not hard to learn to use. With this, a little soapy water (dish soap), and some talc (optional) you can do a tire in under ten minutes, front or back. Don't forget to wear gloves if you like your knuckles. When I was doing them for myself and friends I got quicker than that. By the way, avoid any suggestions/temptations of using WD-40 or an equivalent as a bead lube. It'll eventually cause you problems and, really, nothing beats the soapy water. :)


And set the new tires (and the current tires while still on the wheels) out in the sun for a few minutes to heat/soften them up before you change them. That also helps a lot.

All good advice on tire changing. Soapy water makes the job much easier. I would add you should have 3 tire irons. Two to hold things in place while you work the bead with the third. Taking you time and using small bites is the key. If you hurry or take large bites of the bead you'll get frustrated. Watch out for the tube! That's where you can cause yourself some problems, if you pinch it during installation you'll be starting over. :D A 5 gallon bucket works well to put the wheel on. It's about the right heigth when sitting and your bearings are suspended where they won't be damaged by placing the wheel on the ground. Good Luck! :)

TW is right, use soap when you change tires.... a lot of soap. I usually spread dish soap all around the tire lip before I try to make it pass the rim. That also allows you to make it take its correct place by overfilling it with air.

I say when the tire is mounted, throw in some air until the pressure reaches about 45 or 50 then watch the tire for popping... you will hear the popping as pressure increases in the chamber. When you heard it, it means your tire is in its place. But to have the tire doing that , you need to previously put him a lot of soap.

That is funny because the next time you wash the bike, it makes a lot of bubles :)

Math, you party at the Quebec Inn lately? :) How bout Le Cage?

Nope, I'm still too young to Party at The Quebec Inn :)

But the real party is right beside the Quebec Inn in fact at the Carol :D :D

How bout Le Cage

I suppose you talk about La Cage aux Sports.

Nice resto but haven't been there for a while now.

How do you know?

I was in QC for a night a while back. Ate at the Cage, and met a local who insisted I party with him at the Inn. It was all good. :)

By the way, avoid any suggestions/temptations of using WD-40 or an equivalent as a bead lube. It'll eventually cause you problems


I was wondering if you know this from personal experience?

And if you do, what kind of problems?



Both are decent places to party. Glad you had fun! :)

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