Light install guidance and introduction.

Hi all!


I'm from Southern CA and grew up riding the desert and tracks. I have a 2012 YZ 450 and I love it to death. I miss out on all the night rides because unfortunately I do not have a light. 


 I've been looking into a simple LED light bar install on the handlebars. Not trying to spend a light of money so I will be buying a light bar off of ebay. Scary I know. I was surprised when a buddy of mine bought one on ebay for his razor and it worked pretty damn well. 


The lights LED power is 72W and it's operating voltage is 10-30V DC. Here's where I need help. I need to figure out if there's enough power available from the bikes stator, to power the light. Not sure where to find that info. I've also been considering running off of a battery system. I'm not sure what type of battery would supply the power needed for the light.


Hopefully somebody has done this before and can offer some help. Thanks for reading!

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A FI YZ is good for about 35 watts and that is as good as it gets. The stator can not be modified for more power. Hope that helps.

I had the Baja Designs Squadron on my 2012. They are rated at 42 watts and the bike powered it without a problem, I just made sure the switch was off when starting the bike. The light was connected to the bike using the harness they sell and it's well worth the cheap price, makes everything plug and play. The light is incredibly bright and easily has double the output of my 35 watt HID helmet light. I know you want to do it cheap but if you really get serious about night riding you'll likely want to upgrade from anything less which will just cost more in the end. All that being said, no I do not work for B.D. I'm just a happy customer who loves doubling potential riding time!

Something to note with higher end leds and drivers is that because they are more efficient you could potentially get more light from the same amount of power used(watts). Point being your buddies 72 watt Chinese light may not be as bright as my Squadron.

I should also point out that B.D. also sells a lesser expensive SII led headlight. Might fit your needs while saving a few bucks.

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My bet is the squadron out performs the 72 watts also.

The EFI models are equipped wit much more powerful stators than the non-EFI YZ's were simply because they need a lot of juice at cranking speeds so as to power the complex system, and the pump in particular.  Once running, they have a lot of surplus energy.  The factory rates the unit at over 100w, but I don't know how much is actually left over at idle.  Somehow, I was under the impression that it was a good deal more than 35w.


The system is also already built with a rectifier/regulator, and all of the on board components run on DC.

Thanks for all the replies everybody! I've been doing a lot of research and it all comes back to Baja Designs. I think I'm gonna get the squadron and try to run it off of the stock stator. It seems like as long as I have a switch to keep the light off while starting, I should be ok.

I'm having trouble finding the wiring harness on their website.. can anybody provide some direction or a link to the harness that will work?

Haha yeah I found a few other threads just now where people were getting lost as well. Thanks for the link I appreciate it! Not a bad price on that either

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