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My bike broke: Diagnosis?

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I was riding my 07 YZ450F with 480cc big bore on the street with the choke on accidentaly for about 10 minutes, then it died and wouldn't start. So I found the choke was on, and turned it off and it started right up, I was relieved.


However, then I got it up to 5th gear a couple minutes later , and pinned it at 77 for 30seconds, until it lost some power, then lost more, and kept slowly losing power so I kept letting off the gas, until it made an awesome grinding noise whenever I'd touch the gas, in any gear, so I just slowed it down to a stop and wheeled it home. It smelled a strange burnt smell as well.


Does any know what may have happened, and the cost of repair? I haven't tried looking at it yet I was away with my Dad all day.


Thank you for your input, happy fathers day!!





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