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Steering damper on a yz 125

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A sore shoulder finally pushed me to spend $160 to get a mount kit to put my Scott's damper on my YZ 125 (I can now swap it back and forth with two bolts between bikes).


I did some back-to-back testing (with and w/o the damper) on a woods loop with some slow gnarly areas, and some fast open areas, and quite frankly, I was really surprised and how much it helped the feel of the bike. It turned out that I liked around 15 clicks, which is even more than I use on my KTM.  This kind of surprised me, because I never got the "this bike really really needs a stabilizer" hairball moment that I've had on other bikes.  I also gave it a good test when I gave a tree a solid smack with the bars at a decent woods speed, and the bike stayed straight and true.


Overall, I'm glad I spent the money for the mount kit.  Of course the damper really helps with the bad shoulder, but beyond that it really improves the bike.

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