06 450 ongoing Carb issue?

Guys i have been battling a lean running 06 450f for a couple weeks now. I actually gave in a week ago and dropped it off at the shop to see what they can do.


So i picked it up today and they couldn't get any different results than me its got a 50 pilot and 170 main the needle is in the 3rd from bottom but you have to have the fuel screw 3 turns out before it runs like normal. I know that is very much not right.


Everything is sealed no leaks anywhere on the intake boots i also put new rubber seals on the float bowl and upper cover thats over the slide and a brand new hot start plunger and seal.   Oh and the carb is clean i have cleaned it several times and so did the shop. What the heck should i look for now? Is it possible the carb is no good?  


 Thanks in advance guys im going crazy here

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