No spark! Yz450f 07

So I got a new cdi and still no spark! I have tested the wiring harness, everything had connectivity. I have a new cdi, new stator from electro sport and a new coil. The only thing I have not tested is the tps, which should not affect spark I think? I am at my wits end with this one. Could the flywheel have lost polarity on the magnets or is there any other component to replace or check?!

electro sport is all you had to say.  :naughty:

Really? Are their brand new stators known for not working?

Read their reviews ? All that crap is junk , One guy burned up his whole wiring harness , said he tested it afterwards it was putting out more than twice as much as it was supposed to be. I need a new stator now myself , i'm rewinding it myself but if i was to buy new  it would be Rickys stator and cheaper than electro sport in most cases. You checked the ohms off the stator ? 

Ordered a Ricky stator and everything works now!

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