Overheating 2012 WR450, need help

Which fan?

In 2 minutes Id like to see more of a drop, if its the 4" SPAL fan.

Yes Spal 4". I thought that was pretty good for sitting still.

I guess maybe I should ask exactly how you did the test?


Let it idle (Fan OFF) until it hit 255 and then turned the fan on and after 3 minutes (Still at idle, sitting still with fan ON) the temp was 235?


If so I guess that is not too bad considering (in my case) the fan will activate just over 200 and hopefully won't let it climb in temps.

Close. I rode around my neighborhood for awhile then parked in my driveway. It was around 220' ehen I parked. Let it idle until it hit 255'(per Trail Tech computer) then turned on fan and continued at same idle speed (+-) 1750 rpm. 255 to 235 in about 3-4 minutes.

I've considered upgrading cooling on my supermoto, mostly for when I get stuck at stoplights etc. I'll probably start by doing a fan, maybe cheap ebay radiators too. How much do the Boyeson water pumps help?

I just received a reply from Trail Tech and they are in the process of designing a fan kit for the Yamaha WR. This is great news for guys like me who don't have the know how to cobble together a fan & switches etc. Sounds like the Trail Tech fan kit will be ready for purchase within a couple months. In the meantime I'm going to do the Boysen water pump & impeller upgrade.


Is there gauge a guy can get that just tells you the engine temp without upgrading the entire stock computer?

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