Bought a 04 wr450 - have a few questions

STill has to be modified to work in the WR

Hmm ok.

Might just go for the stock cam this season then, and yz cam next year.

Managed to find a 03 450 not far from me that have been recently overhauled.

Is the engine a straightforward swap into my 04?


But why?

The '03 had issues that were fixed in '04


I would NEVER buy a used motorcycle that had an engine rebuild unless I knew the owner or knew the builder, or better, both.


Waaaaay to many things can go wrong.

Was to expensive afterall anyway.

Gonna order a oem cylinder kit, wiseco crank kit and a new cam chain.

Then probably upgrade the cam next season!

Is there anything else i should change at the same time?

Do yourself a favor and don't buy the wiseco crank.. They are made in a different country than the Pistons and have known quality control issues.. A rebuilt OEM is a good alternative

A google search proves you right, thank you!

Prox crank connecting rod kit - that's OK i hope? That was the part my local "crankfixingshop" had.

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