2011 YZ450f Radiator lowering kit - Works connection braces

Hello all - just wanted to pass on some incite that I attained while installing the Dr. D. radiator lowering kit along with Works Connection radiator braces. First it is possible - install the kit as normal. Before adding the radiator shroud put the radiator brace on. You will need to bolt the lower link of the lowering kit through the brace.


Remove the 2 allen screws of the radiator brace. Move the part of the brace that mounts to the engine up, so that the upper hole of the brace aligns with the lower hole of the mount. Leave this allen screw loose to have some play.


Tighten the brace mounting bolt to the engine.


Tighten the bolts of the lowering kit.


Replace radiator shrouds  and finally tighen the allen screw (brace to mounting bracket).


Now that I have mine set up


I am going to mark the correct position of the brace to the mounting bracket.  Disassemble and take to a welding shop to have the parts TIG welded.

Then reinstall.2011YZ450f.jpg


Sounds like quite a worthy project.

Well I kinda did same thing.  I removed the two bolts that connect the brace to the bracket that bolts to the head stay.  Put one bolt in the upper hole of the brace and lower hole of the bracket.  Then just marked the brace where the upper hole of the bracket would be.  I used a punch then drilled a new hole in the brace and bolted it up.  

Edited by NE14MX

Well that would actually be less costly the tig welding. Good tip

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