Good front brake setup?

Hey everyone, I'm looking to put my yamaha wr426 in supermoto trim and one issue I know I'm going to run into is the front brakes. Right now the front brake setup (stock) is good enough stopping power to get me by, but I want something that will lock up the front brake, or will have the capabilities of doing stoppies if I so wish. I'm going to be gearing the bike so it will be able run up near 100 top speed so I definatly want something that will stop just as well. I see online they have full setups for $1000, but I'd rather not spend that much if I didn't have to. I Was wondering if there were any other good alternatives, or maybe other brands may come with great brakes, and I could look to just snag a full setup from a different bike. I'm looking for the whole setup, master cylinder/ brake lever, brake line, and caliper. Any ideas?

Usually if it's just a street bike not raced, most people go with an over-sized front disc and a re-locator bracket for the caliper. 


You could also put on the Honda TRX 450 master cylinder. Check in at Supermoto junkie.


The real racing stuff gets expensive. Maybe a little more feel and consistency less fade on a track.


+1, That's all I'd do for the street.  Might as well do the brake line too at the same time.  I'm a chicken when it comes to stoppies but I did a nice one the other day when a car pulled out in front of me.  Felt good, I'd like to get over the fear and do them more often.

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