Yz450f build help

I just rebuild my 03 yz450 and put everything back together and its like its locked up I can't kick start it..any suggestions

Forgot to mention that when I put in the timing chain it was tight with no play at all

I think it might have to do with the kick start the piston moves free but can't kick it..need help in a bad way

Hey, can you put it in gear and roll it?

It catches like it should

Should I try drift starting it?

Yeah, it's called bump starting. Try that

Will that free up the kick starter?

Don't try bump starting it. If something is seized or your timing is off your likely to do much more damage. Obviously you did something wrong and it needs to be taken back apart. Seriously.

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Hey Erik, your timing night be off too like drt said. Check that too.

OK so I drained the oil and took the screw plug of the side and turned the flywheel with a socket and everything turns fine the piston isn't seized and cams turn fine? Is there a wrong way to put the kick start shaft in? I replaced the whole thing shaft and gears

I got the timing right the first time I got TDC then lined up the indents on the cams

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If the crank turns, the bike rolls when it's in gear and the clutch pulled in (even if it isn't easy), Then it's the kick starter.  Drain the oil and coolant and lay the bike on its left side.  Open it back up and see what's wrong.

OK I think I know what the problem is...I think the valves are hitting the top of the piston...so now how do I figure out what size shims to buy

If that's the case, it's not shims you need. You have the timing out... be very careful or you'll just do damage.

I thought you said the crank turns.

I had thought it turned all the way but it stopped at the top

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