suspension settings on 14 450

Hey all, fairly new to this forum. I just bought a 2014 yz450f. It's great, I love it. Way more then enough power, seems to handle well... All of the above. I'm curious if any one would have some starter settings for the suspension? I'm a beginner/novice. I've ridden a fair amount over the years, but never really got serious enough to consider myself anything more then a novice... Haha. I'm 6'1 and weigh about 190 with gear on. I set the sag so it is about 100-105 mm difference between on the stand and me sitting on it. Any other thoughts? Clicker settings? Anything special I should know about? Thanks!

My clicker settings won't be any good for you as I am only 150 pounds so I won't even bother posting them haha. But one thing I found helped a lot was raising the forks in the triple clamps 5 mm (to the first line on them)

This isn't an apples-to-apples scenario for you compared to the advanced riders at MXA, but it is an example. Scroll down quite a ways to see how they set their 2014 450 suspension up. Whatever you end up doing, work one end at a time, one clicker at a time, then go to the other end of the bike and repeat.


Make notes so you have a baseline to fall back on.

165lb vet nov

Stock forks

Rear shock: replaced spring with 5.7. Messing with clickers now. Close to non us clicker settings now but probably 1 click in on rebound. Sag 105mm

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