2000 WR400F Exhaust clamp torque specs

Just bought a 2000 wr400f. I'm kinda going through and replacing the fluids, filters, and other routine maintenance.
I hope someone else here has this exact bike because im finding the manual to not be all that detailed...
To get to the point, i had to remove my S pipe to change the oil filter.
The problem now is: since ive got every thing back in place im ready to secure the S pipe to the exhaust pipe but i dont see torque specs in the book for "exhaust clamp" or anything similar.
Do any of you gentlemen happen to know what it is exactly? 
I dont want to ruin my brand new gasket ><

Try this



What is this a picture for ants? lol, thanks for the specs. It was my dumbass fault. The technical name for the clamp is silencer band, a part break down online made it more clear. 
The owners service manual for this bike is truly terrible, its so vague. 
Is there a more detailed manual that maybe shops have access to that i could acquire online? 

just click the picture... it expands so you can see it..


Silencer clamp = 14 ft-lb

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