Changing main jet?

Can you change the main jet through the drain plug in the bowl or do you have to remove the bowl to access the main?

It's been a good while since I've seen the stock carb, but as I recall the drain screw is seperate and cannot be used to access the main jet. There should be a hex capped pipe plug on the bottom of the carb's bowl which can be unscrewed and from there you can access the main jet from what I recall. If not, just loosen the carb's front and rear band clamps and rotate the carb for easy access to the float bowl which will quickly come off with a few screws, but I recall there being a hex capped pipe plug on the bottom of the float bowl to make things even easier.

You Are Correct, Sir! (In my best Ed McMahon Impersonation) :)

Yeah, that's actually what I meant. The big cap at the bottom. I remember changing mains on my 600 and you could do it that way without removing the bowl.

I'm just hoping it's the same on the 650. Thanks

YES!! You can easily change out the main jet by unscrewing the plug on the bottom of the bowl. That's how I do it, it's very easy. (stock carb)

What about the pilot jet is that just as easy??? :)

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