New Ditr Bike Article

I got my latest issue of Dirt Bike Magazine yesterday & was pleasantly surprised you see a very nice write up on the 04 WR 450. THEY DIDN'T BUTCHER IT. They actually said nice things about it except "cheap steel bars" " lousey chain", things like that. All true, unfortunatly. but overall a very good article. I liked it. :)


Yeah the bike is awesome! O4 starter gear upgrade is proven to work on the 03's! :)

I love mine. a little fine tuniing to do, but VERY happy with it :)

04 WR450-1.jpg

Hey you need to change your name to Dez613. :)

I know, that's what I get for turning 40 :)

But why didn't they give the WR the same 48mm front forks like the YZ. They kept the 46mm instead :).

Smoke :D

Hey dez nice looking bike.What kind of tank is that?

they gotta have something to say they improved for 05 :)

In the article they mention not liking the "stink bug" effect on the 03 and they say it's better on the 04. Anyone have any idea on what changed?

But why didn't they give the WR the same 48mm front forks like the YZ. They kept the 46mm instead :D.

Smoke :D

I agree...why not just put the same as the YZ...and agree '05 will porably have them. I think they had so many in stock they had to use them up on the WR'04.

To be honest, 2mm is so tiny, if you had to hold them up a foot apart, you probably wouldn't be able to tell the diff, and as far as performance goes, I think the diff. is just as small. Pretend you have the 48mm...nobody will know. :D

BTW I like the gold color :)

It's the IMS Ty Davis replica. w/ drybrake. it is pretty sweet. I would shell out the cash if I had to again. :)

I found out what might be the saddest thing for you guys who liked YZ-timed WRs is that you will need a new cam to do this on the '04s.

Was it the case in 03?

Yes the 03's require a new cam as well. The good news is that they're not all that expensive ($100-$120). Aside from the extra cost it's really no big deal to change the cam out.

Yup installed the yz cam in mine.

Hot cams makes a bigger cam now with the auto decompressor for the yz/wr 450's.

If I was to do it again thats the route I'd go.

I'm looking at an article I printed awhile ago and the wr426, with a 13:1 piston 2mm overbore, stock head and valves, Akrapovic pipe, hot cams intake and exhaust brought the power up to 55 HP from stock 45HP.

Looks like whoever was doing the head work didn't know what they were doing.The oversize valves didn't make much difference either. :)

Pretty easy bolt-ons and relatively cheap 10hp increase. :D

A wr 470 should harness a couple of more ponies yet. :D :D :D

Anyone else think their weight claim of 265 lbs wet/no fuel seems a little high. Last time I weighed mine (on my digital industrial scale) it came in around 252 with about a gallon of gas in the tank. Granted I've stripped some weight off of it but not THAT much (maybe 10 lbs). Yamaha claims 245 dry and I know there's not 20 lbs of fluid in the bike. Maybe they actually meant with fuel?

I haven't weighed mine but it feels like a fat pig compared to my buddies CR250 when lifting them onto the stand.

And I pared as much pork off mine as possible while keeping only the e-start functional, and the kickstand when not motoing it.

Don't get me wrong. It is a heavier bike but remember your comparing a crosscountry bike to an MX'r. I just thought the weight claim made in the DB article seemed a little off.

Last year, I think that it was Dan Lorenze from this forum who showed us a picture of his digital scale showing that his 03 was 262 all wet with no fuel. The 04 can't be 265. I think DBike told us the crankshaft is 2mm bigger but it cannot be 3 pounds heavier... 262-263 seems possible.

Just read the "Dirt Bike" article, and have a question. I noticed that they set the jetting with a 160 main and everything else was left stock. They said that they did the throttle stop mod and the QYT-R insert. I'm assuming that they didn't do the air box mod that is mentioned later in the article.

I'm going to pick-up my new WR450 tomorrow. The dealer said that they always do the throttle mod on new bikes, and recommend a Pro-Moto insert, (said it's as good or better than the GYT-R insert?). I will be riding at 1,200 ft in all temps. I also plan to do the air box and grey wire in the near future. Will I need to put in a larger main jet prior to doing the air box mod? I see that many of you are running 168 and 170 mains.

Hey Dez 113 what kind of grapics you got there?

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