New Ditr Bike Article

But why didn't they give the WR the same 48mm front forks like the YZ. They kept the 46mm instead :D.

Smoke :)

This is an easy one. They have a warehouse full of 46mm forks, they need to get rid of them, but they also need to improve them. They clean out the stock by coating the fork legs, and selling the stock off until the next years model, or till supplies are deleted. Also, the WR really doesn't get as stressed as an MX bike, so the 46's do just fine with the slight improvements. Should have asked me last week when you were over. :D

Only reason I claim to know this is because that's how the business I'm in runs. Leftovers just collecting dust doesn't do anything for the company, but repackaging it and clearing it out will get someone a nice bonus.

Ok. Weighed the bike today. 248 lbs wet/no fuel. 264 full fuel. I figure I've dropped about 8-9 lbs off the bike from stock which would put it around 257 wet/no fuel. No big deal I just wonder where these magazines get their numbers sometimes. Also no else has been able to verify the larger crank size. I've heard it is the same as '03 but we'll have to wait for the '04 parts fiche to find out.

The article was at a higher elevation. I have all the free mods and a Q series exhaust. 168 mj is perfect mine.

I also wondered about the weight D.B. gave of 265 lbs. With the YZF450 claiming to weigh in the 225 range how can a WR weigh 40 lbs more? I figured 10 lbs electic start another 10 for kickstand, lights and odometer asmy, and then there is the lighter 4 speed tranny which I do not know how much that would save but there is still that 15-20 lb difference?

I'm getting to where I don't believe anything the mags say anymore. I mean nobody holds them accountable and they seem to be indebted to their biggest advertisers. Just so much BS.

BTW changed my login to Dez613 :) for obv reasons, but the graphics are the GYT-R YZF set, and I like it! :D

all I klnow is it feels light when I ride it and it rips. I could care less how it comes in on the scales if it works :)

Yup installed the yz cam in mine.

Hot cams makes a bigger cam now with the auto decompressor for the yz/wr 450's.

If I was to do it again thats the route I'd go.

I'm looking at an article I printed awhile ago and the wr426, with a 13:1 piston 2mm overbore, stock head and valves, Akrapovic pipe, hot cams intake and exhaust brought the power up to 55 HP from stock 45HP.

Looks like whoever was doing the head work didn't know what they were doing.The oversize valves didn't make much difference either. :D

Pretty easy bolt-ons and relatively cheap 10hp increase. :D

A wr 470 should harness a couple of more ponies yet. :D:):D

These dyno pulls were from Jon Escombe.

He had built a 98mm using a custom piston and if I remember right he didn't get too much compression out of it, maybe 12.5~1. The ported head runs were done with stock valve sizes. I have his ported head and it was just seat blending, no valve job, throat or chamber work had been performed, I can see why it might run worse than a stock head. The 98mm piston was a nightmare to get a headgasket to seal on and has since been abandonded in favor of a 97mm piston.

248 lbs wet/no fuel. 264 full fuel.

Man..... 248????? On my 03' I stripped the bike of the lights and kickstand and put on a full Ti pipe and my bike weighs exactly 254 wet/no fuel. My scale is very accurate. I find it hard to believe that your bike is 248... :)

mjb40, I am at about the same altitude. After installing the Pro-moto billet insert I went to a 168 main. Most bikes I have heard from the dealer are jetted pretty lean. I have since swapped out the insert for a after market muffler and dont regret it at all.

The '04 is listed on the Yamaha website at 245 dry which I think is pretty optimistic but I think slightly less than they claimed in '03. My scale is a Span Instruments model 300 digital electronic platform scale. Accuracy: ± 0.25% full scale ± 0.1 pound absolute. Basically I put a bike stand on the scale, zero out the tare weight and then support the entire bike on the stand - both wheels off the ground. The first time I weighed the bike it had a little over a gallon of gas in it and it weighed 255. It definitely feels lighter than my 426. :)

Anyone else think their weight claim of 265 lbs wet/no fuel seems a little high. Last time I weighed mine (on my digital industrial scale) it came in around 252 with about a gallon of gas in the tank. Granted I've stripped some weight off of it but not THAT much (maybe 10 lbs). Yamaha claims 245 dry and I know there's not 20 lbs of fluid in the bike. Maybe they actually meant with fuel?

Who cares? Buy another bike if you are that worried about a few pounds.

Don't get me wrong. I really like the bike. My point was not really about the bike as much as it was the magazine and their credibility. I guess we did get a little carried away in the thread though. :)

248 lbs wet/no fuel. 264 full fuel.

Man..... 248????? On my 03' I stripped the bike of the lights and kickstand and put on a full Ti pipe and my bike weighs exactly 254 wet/no fuel. My scale is very accurate. I find it hard to believe that your bike is 248... :)

To be a fly on the wall at the AMA tech impound when they weighed the top 3 bikes after the AMA SM nationals.

Lightest bike I saw was Chambons KTM @ Dallas.

243-no fuel, drained tank.

Heaviest was the CR-f of McGraths @ 254-no fuel.

I knew you would come on this one Dan,

You were the one who showed us pictures of your scale at 262 for your '03 right?

How much more gas does it hold over the stock tank?

1/2 a gallon. 3.1 total. about 3.0 with the dry brake. but the cool thing is it holds a full gallon lower than the stock tank even carries gas!! :)

RIGHT ON! MY sentiments EXACTLY!! :)

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