Plated 2004 WR450F "RED" Sticker Bike in CA

Has anyone plated a 2004 WR450F "RED" Sticker bike in California? This bike has a "3" in the 8th digit in the VIN.  I have been told by some it can not be done, others it can, but it is hard to do.  If it can, I got the time, I will make the effort.  If know something, can you PM me and help a brother out.



I believe the wr450 was not California green sticker until 2005. I have an 06 and it is green sticker . As far as I know there is nothing you can do about it unless you go the somewhat shady rout and buy a 2005 or newer frame and title it under that number.

At one time you could sneak it through but I think that door is pretty much closed. I had a 2003 WR450 that was CA plated but that was done a long time ago. These days even with the secret handshake it's going to be tough. If you do get a plate at the dmv office don't be surprised if it gets rejected a few months later when it gets processed by Sacramento. 

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